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SAC - Safety Awareness Campaign - S. Africa

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The campaign is not a new initiative as we had the first one in Dubai, UAE covering various topics such as SMS, SSP, among many others.

WFP has a regional aviation safety office in Johannesburg, South Africa and have advised by the most important topics that need to be addressed in such platform.

            Through this event we will be investing in the aviation knowledge infrastructure in that region as adding another catastrophe during a relief operation is the last thing that is needed.

            The campaign is supported by various Civil Aviation Authorities, among many other local airlines that are welling to improve and raise the safety awareness not only in South Africa, but at the regional level.

            The campaign will be targeting various crucial aviation topics that should help raise the awareness and put various controls to the risks encountered, so if you are an air operator representative, regulator, auditor this campaign is for you and you are more than welcome to attend this free of charge event.

  • Operational Pressure by: Jo Gillespie - Gates Aviation
  • Updates on Safety management standards & best practices by: Gustavo Barbra - IASO
  • Aircraft performance – Weight and Balance by: Sandro Guidetti - Former RUAG
  •  Human Factor - Intuition & Performance by: Dr. Joel Hughes

Jo Gellispie

Joel Hughes

Juan Carlos

Sandro Guidetti

Gustavo Barba

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Human Factors

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Ops Pressure

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For any further assistance or inquires about GHAC, please don’t hesitate to contact our event organizer: Clydewood International Limited: Tel: +962 777 555 288; P.O.Box 93243 QAIA 11104 Amman – Jordan; Email:,​